Why You Need a Best Home Alarm System

  • Installing a security system can increase the resale value of your home
  • Mobile applications let you view live surveillance video on your cell phone
  • A comprehensive package automates lamps and temperature control
  • Flooding and fire can go unchecked if your home is left unmonitored
  • Medical emergencies could turn deadly without monitoring in place

ADT Security Alarm Reviews

ADT Security Alarm Reviews

  • Free in-Home Consultation Available
  • More Than 140 Years of Experience
  • Largest Choice of Features and Options
  • Round-the-Clock Customer Support
  • Priced at $36.99 to $57.99 per month

ADT Alarm Reviews

ADT Security is an all-in-one security entity that’s been providing security solutions since 1874 and now serves more than six million customers. It’s the most recognized name in the business because the company offers the most products and services for home alarm users. ADT’s operation is so extensive that it handles a staggering 19 million alarm signals a year.


ADT Alarm is a Quality Service

ADT’s monitoring centers span the United States, and the company’s CellGuard technology ensures that you’ll be able to connect with one of those centers even if your system equipment or your phone line has been damaged. After all, if an alarm system can’t function in the event of these types of emergencies, how can you be sure it will work when you really need it?

Why ADT Alarms are so Special

ADT Security stands apart from the rest by engaging in every form of monitoring imaginable. In addition to traditional burglary monitoring, ADT monitors fire and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood detectors, temperature detectors and video surveillance, and it boasts an advanced medical alert system. And all services are compatible with mobile devices, so you can access your system from anywhere, any time.

What Does ADT Alarm Cost?

Because ADT Security has so many features and options, the pricing can vary depending on which options best suit your needs. The base price for monitoring is $36.99 per month, which covers a control panel with a panic button and a one-touch fire emergency button. If you want to step up to something more sophisticated, the ADT Pulse package provides access to all of ADT’s advanced features, including cellular monitoring. The Pulse package is offered at $44.99 to $57.99 per month.

Customer Support

ADT Security’s customer-support reps are literally always available to help. ADT is one of a very few security companies that provide 24/7 support by e-mail, phone and chat. And its website includes a vast array of resources, such as FAQs, manuals and guides, that can also help. If you want a customized solution for your home, ADT has security experts who will do a free in-home consultation and help you pick the system that’s best for you.

Final Review of ADT Alarms

There are good reasons that ADT Security has earned a reputation as the most recognized name in the industry. It has been in the business of safety and security for over 140 years and offers the most features and options available on the market today. So when you buy an ADT home alarm system, you can do it with confidence. You are now armed with then information needed from reading our ADT alarm reviews.

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22 Responses to “ADT Security Alarm Reviews”

  1. Hannah Carter says:

    Worried about someone disabling your security system by cutting wires or your telephone line? I was too, so that’s why I chose a wireless system from ADT Security. I’m always protected, no matter what criminals think they may be able to pull off.

  2. Samantha Emmett says:

    When you watch your local news at night, how many stories of breaking and entering, theft, or vandalism do you hear? How many of those stories end well, with the family safe and sound? When you watch the national news, how many more does that add to the list? It’s gotten to the point where I can’t stand to watch much of the news anymore; there is rarely anything positive for the station to share. A couple of years ago, I decided it was much better to be safe than sorry, and had ADT Security come install a system in my home for me. As I get older and live alone, it’s important for me to know I’m safe. I like having that extra set of eyes and ears since my kids don’t live close enough to help me should I need anything. Since ADT Security will alert the local emergency personnel if I fall, or push a button, this offers more than home security for me. It offers real, personal security. I never have to worry about being too far from the phone to call for help. I will be a customer for life. I’ve referred all of my children, and some of my neighbors, too.

  3. Debbie Ross says:

    Home security systems are always a good investment, but that doesn’t mean they have to cost an arm and a leg. ADT Security gives me the protection I need for under $20 a month. Can’t beat that!

  4. Benjamin Cator says:

    My niece just moved into her first home with her new husband. Everyone else got them things from their registry, but I had a ADT Security security system installed in their home. Three months later, it helped save their lives. Trust me when I say it is worth every penny you will spend. It wasn’t a burglary or a theft that was the problem. A fire had started because of some faulty wiring in the home. They were sleeping, but by the time the alarm woke them up, the fire department was on the way. Luckily, the home was saved despite the damage, but it was a close call.

  5. Frank Olson says:

    No matter how much you believe, “It won’t happen to me.” That’s not always true. Burglary, theft, fire, etc. happen to lots of people, every day. You may not be one of them today, tomorrow, next month, or even next year, but you can be one of them. Simply ignoring the possibility is not the best way to protect yourself. You can have other forms of protection in your home if you want, but why not invest in a security system to prevent the break-in from happening in the first place? A sign in the yard from ADT security is a big deterrent for criminals; trust me, I know! My neighbors were burglarized last year, and my home was left alone. I was just two doors down, so I’m quite sure it was the fact they knew the house was secured that convinced them to pass over me. It didn’t take long for the neighbors to come over and ask me who the rep was that I dealt with. Within a week, they had a system of their own, and we all breathe a bit easier. Whenever a new neighbor comes to the neighborhood, we tell them about ADT security, and they thank us for it.

  6. Joey Hardin says:

    As a single parent, there are times when my children have to be left alone during the day, although it is only for less than 30 minutes. Since I never know what could happen, my security system from ADT security gives me the protection I need, at a price I can afford. I know my kids are protected whenever I’m not there, and I know we’re safe when we’re all together….even if we are sleeping. It’s not a substitute for adult supervision, but it makes it a bit easier to get through my day. You have to do what you have to do to survive.

  7. Diana Cooper says:

    When I was a little girl, my next door neighbor’s home caught fire, because he fell asleep on the couch while smoking a cigarette. We were not close enough for the fire to spread to our home, and the neighbor was able to make it out in time since we called the fire department. The home ended up being a total loss. Though a home security system from ADT security wouldn’t have stopped the fire from happening in the first place, it could have alerted the fire department and emergency medical staff much sooner than we did. We had to see and smell smoke before we realized what was going on, and even then, we weren’t sure if we should call–it looked as though it was coming from the chimney. While there is always a concern in the back of my mind about a break-in, and I am fanatic about locking my door and leaving lights on to make it look like someone’s home… that’s not the only reason I invested in a security system for my family. It’s the fact that if something happens and a fire starts, I know help will be on the way in a matter of minutes.

  8. Seth Gunter says:

    Even if you think you live in a safe neighborhood, you never know what could happen. I made the decision to invest in a home security system from ADT Security before there was a chance for something bad to happen to or in my home. Knowing I’m safe and my family is safe makes it much easier for me to sleep at night. It’s worth every cent I pay to have that extra layer of insurance to protect us, even when we are not at home. If you have any doubts the company you choose for your own needs, you can’t go wrong with ADT Security.

  9. Chelsea Watson says:

    I am really impressed with the level of customer service I get from ADT Security. It was my first experience with a home security system, so I really wasn’t sure what I needed to get the most protection for my home. Their team was amazingly patient with me. They listened to what I needed and what my concerns were, and then they matched me with the perfect option for my budget. Once we found the package that was going to work for me, they took the time to explain everything, from how the installation and setup would work, to what I could expect on a monthly basis. They were not rushing me through the process, and they were pleasant the entire time, no matter how many questions I asked. I have never gotten that kind of customer service experience with any other company, in any other industry. I truly appreciate the service they offer, but I most definitely appreciate the way they offer it just as much, if not more. I can rest easy knowing my family and I are safe no matter what happens. I’ve been a customer for a little over a year, and I can see myself being a lifelong customer. You simply cannot go wrong with this company.

  10. Pamela Beck says:

    If you think home security systems are designed to protect you from nothing more than burglary, think again. I lost my home to a fire when I was younger, and I’ve always been fearful of it happening again. Even though we weren’t home, the loss was devastating. I often think about how things would have been different if we had a system installed like the one from ADT Security to alert emergency personnel. I don’t take a chance with my home now, because I know that even if I’m not home, the fire department will be notified immediately. It is one less thing for me to worry about.

  11. Sherry Crosby says:

    I’ve been a long time customer of ADT Alarms, and I am constantly impressed with the level of customer service and support they offer. You won’t find it with other companies. I’m glad I made the switch.

  12. Connie Honeycutt says:

    When my neighbors were alerted of danger in their home because of a ADT Alarms system, I became a believer. It’s a great company, and I’m glad I made the choice to invest in my own home security.

  13. Joe Williams says:

    ADT Alarms is the best! They answered all my questions quickly and easily and made home security much more simple for me. They definitely surpassed my service expectations, and I recommend them to all my friends and family.

  14. Luke Chambers says:

    We moved into our first home about six months ago, and the first thing I did was install a ADT alarm system. I am so glad I did! Last week, someone tried to break into my house while my family was sleeping. We woke up to the sound of breaking glass…and then the sound of the alarm. The intruder took off like a shot! Without the alarm, it could have been so much worse. Thanks to ADT, all I have to do is replace a small pane of glass in my back door. My family remained safe, and I’m very grateful.

  15. Leticia Lambert says:

    No matter how much you plan for the future, your plans can change at the drop at the hat if your home is broken into, or destroyed because of fire. If either of these things happen, you have a homeowner’s insurance claim which makes your rates go up, on top of everything else to deal with during the claims process. I know because I’ve been there. After a small electrical fire destroyed most of my living room, I decided to call ADT so I could have fire monitoring. As an added bonus, my insurance gives me a discount because of the extra protection.

  16. Freddie Chavez says:

    There are all kinds of things you can do to protect your home from thieves like: installing automatic timed lights on the inside and outside of your home to simulate your normal activity; forwarding your phone calls because thieves may call and when no one answers assume no one is home; leaving your car in the garage rather than in the driveway, with the garage door closed at all times; installing a video alarm system, never leaving a spare key in an easy-to-spot or guess place, and many more. While these things may deter thieves, they will not make you fool proof. Without a home security monitoring system, the authorities will not be contacted if someone gets into your home. If you catch someone yourself, you may be able to call, but you can’t always count on it. If you’re not home, you definitely can’t. That’s why I invested in a system with ADT. I have alternate security measures in place to add more protection, but it’s the 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year monitoring that I believe protects my home the most. My monthly payment is affordable, and to me, you cannot put a price tag on peace of mind.

  17. Manny Sanchez says:

    There’s no way to 100% protect your family or home. That’s just the world we live in, but with a home alarm system, you can create a barrier that will deter thieves and lowlifes. I thought our old home alarm system was good enough until I accidentally came in the house and did not know my wife had changed the code over a month ago. Our son had openly plugged in the code when he was at home alone with friends and my wife didn’t want to risk any problems, so she changed it unbeknownst to me. I set the alarm off and the dumb alarm company didn’t even call us, nor did they dispatch the authorities. That’s when we decided to switch and ADT security seemed like a smart option given their track record and glowing reviews online. I knew ADT was the real deal when we tested it out and the neighbors told us they could hear the alarm! That’s the type of protection I want since scaring away burglars is a key way to get them out of your house fast. I know ADT security makes us feel safe and I’m thankful for the protection. Installation was easy as can be.

  18. Charles Caper says:

    ADT has been a lifesaver for us. We have three kids under the age of 10 and have a part-time nanny. She knows we have a camera in the house, but doesn’t know where. ADT proves to be good for home alarm systems and other things!

  19. Taylor Unger says:

    I wanted a home alarm system. After years of living in our quaint neighborhood, it is becoming like the rest of the world (a trash can) and there was a body found only a few blocks from our home. This leads me to believe we have less than scrupulous characters in our midst and a home alarm system could do us some good. ADT has proven to be an excellent system from installation to two calls to customer service, both of which were answered in a speedy manner. I think ADT security is a fantastic option for those who want to be safe.

  20. Mallory Mars says:

    I am on the road about three weeks a month. It isn’t the life I chose but it came with the territory of my new position and it is only for the next four months. Because I am not home often I bought ADT security. I have someone housesitting regularly who is a college student and I knew having a home security system was the right thing to do. I am paying this person to take care of the house, but I still want to know she is safe and I don’t want any liabilities. ADT security lets her see the house before she enters, which is great considering we’re on the ground floor.

  21. Emilio Gregg says:

    I wanted a home security system that was easy to use, especially since my teens are in and out of the house on their own. ADT security makes me feel they’re safe since I can see them.

  22. Amber Montogomery says:

    After six months of our old home security system, it was time to make a switch. That old home security system came with our home from the previous owner, but it did not work for our needs and had many glitches. As a parent of two young kids under five and two dogs, we don’t have time for the glitches not fixed by the alarm company, so we had to move on. I read about ADT security on a home security blog and I am really thrilled with their service so far. It’s only been a couple of months, but I am impressed with the level of customer service they offer people. It is rare to find a company this concerned with customers in this day and age and I’m glad to give them my business. The installation has a no-nonsense process and I think anyone would be able to install it within an hour. Our neighbors saw how easy it was and bought one for their home too. For the price, you can’t afford not to protect your home. That’s what made us try ADT security and I’m glad we did. It’s great to have cameras especially in our backyard which opens to a wooded area.

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