Why You Need a Best Home Alarm System

  • Installing a security system can increase the resale value of your home
  • Mobile applications let you view live surveillance video on your cell phone
  • A comprehensive package automates lamps and temperature control
  • Flooding and fire can go unchecked if your home is left unmonitored
  • Medical emergencies could turn deadly without monitoring in place

Frontpoint Alarm Reviews

Frontpoint Alarm Reviews

  • Convenient Smartphone Application
  • Wireless System Requires No Landline
  • Cutting-Edge Video Surveillance
  • Support Available Seven Days a Week
  • Priced at $34.99 to $49.99 per month

Frontpoint Alarm Reviews

Frontpoint emerged in 2007 and has become the fastest-growing home alarm dealer in the country. It differentiates itself from its competitors by focusing on customer service and wireless technology. Frontpoint has pioneered the wireless alarm system and continues to win awards for the way it treats its customers.

Frontpoint is a Quality Service

Frontpoint offers services that go beyond the standard home alarm system. Its alarm system functions completely wirelessly, and you can install it yourself with ease. There is no need for a landline to connect your system to the 24/7 monitoring center, which offers extra protection because burglars can’t simply slice open cords to disable your security system.

Why Frontpoint Stands Out

Frontpoint security systems has created a user-friendly smartphone application that will work with your iPhone or Android mobile device. With this app, you can track your alarm system while you’re away from home. You can even stream live video from your home directly to your phone. You can also turn the lights on or off, arm and disarm the system, receive instant notification if a sensor triggers an alarm, and more.

What Does Frontpoint Cost?

With a Frontpoint monitoring package, you get state-of-the-art 24/7 wireless alarm system monitoring at a surprisingly affordable price. Each Frontpoint package includes fire monitoring, carbon monoxide and temperature monitoring, and the “life safety” feature, which professionally monitors for medical emergencies. The Protection Plan costs $34.99 per month and offers all the basic features. For $44.99 a month, you can step up to the Interactive Monitoring Plan and gain access to the advanced features of the smartphone application. And $49.99 a month will get you the Ultimate Monitoring Plan, which offers cutting-edge home automation and video surveillance features.

Support and Help

Frontpoint Security offers phone and email assistance from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time on weekdays. It also offers customer service on Saturdays and Sundays, with hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time. Frontpoint’s website is also very helpful, loaded with information for both beginner and advanced home alarm system users. These resources include comprehensive FAQs, user guides, installation demos, videos and e-books.

Final Review of Frontpoint

Frontpoint Security offers a great home alarm system that’s ideal for anyone looking for the peace of mind afforded by the latest in security technology. The 100 percent wireless alarm system is so easy to install that you can do it yourself. The pricing is affordable and the customer service is top-notch. We believe that you are going to enjoy our front point security alarm reviews.

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Frontpoint Alarm Reviews, 9.2 out of 10 based on 2087 ratings

31 Responses to “Frontpoint Alarm Reviews”

  1. Christopher Case says:

    You never know what could happen any more. One day, you can be living in a safe neighborhood; and the next, the neighborhood can be ravaged by thieves. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim. Call Frontpoint security, today. You will be glad you did. I was! I was one of only four houses in a five block radius that didn’t get hit with a theft over the course of a couple of weeks. Now, every single one of the homes that was robbed, is also a customer. We haven’t had any issues in years, and we tell anyone new who moves in to make sure they protect themselves.

  2. Bailey Anders says:

    When I brought my son home from the hospital, I had a Frontpoint security system installed to help protect us and our home. It is the best investment that I have ever made. It makes me feel more safe and secure.

  3. Andrew Lawson says:

    I have been a long time customer of Frontpoint security. I am always surprised at the level of customer service they provide, even after all these years. If you’re on the market, talk to Frontpoint. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

  4. Ronnie West says:

    Just when you think you live in a safe neighborhood, you turn on the news and find out about a string of break-ins just a couple of streets over. I called Frontpoint security right away, just to be safe.

  5. Ricky Biddix says:

    Frontpoint security makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, to get a home security system installed. I put it off for years because I thought it was going to be a long and complex process. Boy, I was wrong!

  6. Rachel Edwards says:

    I was not going to buy a home security system, but once I realized I could save so much on my homeowner’s insurance premium, I realized there was no reason not to. The difference in what I was paying on my premiums was more than enough to pay for the system’s installation and monthly fees. Now, I get all the protection I need, for essentially free. It feels great to know that I have an extra layer of security, without feeling anything change in my budget. Frontpoint security is the best! More than six months as a customer, and I haven’t had a single issue. I highly recommend it.

  7. Tricia Young says:

    I researched all the home security systems on the market today, and I decided to go with Frontpoint security. I have had such a good experience that I recommend them to all of my friends and family.

  8. Jennifer Hoffsteader says:

    Buying a home security system doesn’t have to be a long and stressful process. All I did was ask my friends who they worked with. When all of the said Frontpoint security, I just knew who my provider would be.

  9. Mark Lovelace says:

    I’m just going to cut to the chase and say call Frontpoint security. There is no need to waste time, money, or effort dealing with any other home security company. They are the third company I’ve dealt with, and will be the last one!

  10. Ashley Davis says:

    If you are looking for an affordable and easy to use security system to protect your home, look no further than Frontpoint security. I made the switch six months ago, and it was well worth it. Turns out, I can get better service, for less than half of what I spending with my previous home security provider. I’m kicking myself for not making the switch sooner, but now I refer all my friends and family. I rest much easier at night knowing that not just those who live with me, but every one in my family is safe and secure at home.

  11. Jamie Rathburn says:

    I spent a long time looking for the right home security system for my home. I really wish someone would have told me about Frontpoint security first. It would have saved me a lot of hassle just to go straight to them!

  12. Robert Jacobs says:

    Need to protect your home, but don’t think you can afford it? Before you give up, check out FrontPoint Alarm. I was where you are right now, but they came recommended to me by my co-worker, and they saved the day!

  13. Tabitha Reese says:

    If you live alone like I do, it’s a good idea to have a home security system from FrontPoint Alarm in your home to protect yourself even when you’re not there. It’s an investment you can’t afford to skip.

  14. Tristan Bush says:

    If you are in the market for a home security system, you can’t go wrong with FrontPoint Alarm. The company is courteous and will be there on time to set up your system. I’ve only been a customer for a few months, but I have nothing but praise for them. They came to me highly recommended by friends and family, and it did not take me long to see why. I can see myself being with this company for years. The peace of mind they offer me, at a price point that fits my budget is great, but the customer service they offered on top of that is what takes the cake for me.

  15. Betty Moss says:

    For me, living without my home security system from FrontPoint Alarm is not an option. It saved me from vandalism, while neighbors down the street lost nearly every valuable they own. When my system alerted the police, the criminals were caught.

  16. Grace Medford says:

    When I moved into my first apartment, my parents thought I needed a security system to be extra safe. FrontPoint Alarm gave me just what I needed, and kept everything in line with my budget. I am so pleased!

  17. Nick Jones says:

    My father is getting older, but wasn’t ready to give up his freedom. With him living alone, a few hours from me, a home security system FrontPoint gives me the peace of mind I need and lets him remain independent.

  18. Doug Robinson says:

    There’s no greater feeling than driving into my neighborhood and seeing signs from FrontPoint security in my yard. I know the investment is worth while, and those signs let the world know they’d better not try to break into my home!

  19. Adam Shapiro says:

    When I moved into a new city and I didn’t know anyone, I got a home security system with FrontPoint for my own peace of mind. Knowing my home is protected when I’m home and away is amazing.

  20. Mark Howard says:

    News of a recent spate of robberies in the shopping center nearby convinced me to get an alarm system. I figured it was only a matter of time before they started breaking into houses, and I was right. I protected my home with FrontPoint and it’s been a godsend.

  21. Vivian Caldwell says:

    I’m not one to focus on material possessions, but there are a few things I inherited from my grandmother when she passed away that I could never replace. While I have them locked away and hidden so chances are no one who broke into my home would ever be able to find them, I went ahead and took it one step further. I protect my home with a system from FrontPoint. Though I’ve never had it catch a thief, and I would be happy to never have it need to, I think it’s simply having the system that keeps the thieves away.

  22. Virginia Sanchez says:

    I can’t afford an expensive alarm system, but I worry enough about my kids when they aren’t at home. I shouldn’t have to worry about them when they are. FrontPoint was the answer for me. I can be sure that my home and my kids are safe from intruders.

  23. Nino Minelli says:

    I am so happy with the quality of service received from Frontpoint. I didn’t know what I was getting into since I’ve never had a home alarm system before, but Frontpoint is awesome all the way around and are willing to help you if you need it.

  24. Shea Sanchez says:

    Frontpoint was recommended by my father who is spending his golden years upgrading the house. With these upgrades came a home alarm system and Frontpoint is what he chose. I installed Frontpoint security myself and I love having this extra layer of protection between me and the bad guys.

  25. Sven Meiner says:

    Setting up Frontpoint is easy, but I still ran into two small problems. I didn’t really want to call Frontpoint security because I’ve had bad experiences with customer service people over the years and do most of my troubleshooting online, but Frontpoint was different. I had no choice but to call and once I did I was pleasantly surprised they were so helpful and courteous. This isn’t something I’ve seen from a company in a very long time, so I appreciate Frontpoint takes the time to train employees well and they value my business. I love feeling protected with this alarm.

  26. Bryce Jackson says:

    The customer service at Frontpoint is what made me write this review. These are truly nice people who will go the extra mile for customer care. That is something you seldom see, so I am happy to give them my business.

  27. Benjamin Norris says:

    I heard about Frontpoint through a co-worker who is a tech geek. I thought Frontpoint security may be too sophisticated for me to install on my own, but not at all! This is a home alarm system anyone can use and I like that they offer 24/7 support.

  28. Tasha Johnson says:

    It came down to Frontpoint or another home security system and ultimately I chose Frontpoint because of the price. It’s a low price and the reviews of their customer service are absolutely true. I had to install it myself and had a question and Frontpoint answered right away.

  29. Jennifer Kerring says:

    For me, home security systems just give you that heads-up on what’s happening at home. No one system is perfect and not one system can keep you completely safe, but you can do things on your end to deter intruders. The alarm on Frontpoint is so loud, I suggest running it a couple of times to get used to the noise so you aren’t scared witless should it go off because of a burglar. I know Frontpoint is very useful for live chat. I have used it before with no problems and I think it’s great they make the effort to take care of their clients.

  30. Charlie Holmes says:

    I know Frontpoint is the best price of all of the home security systems I looked at online. I thought it would be difficult to install on my own, but nope, it was actually easy and I set the thing up in about 45 minutes.

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