Why You Need a Best Home Alarm System

  • Installing a security system can increase the resale value of your home
  • Mobile applications let you view live surveillance video on your cell phone
  • A comprehensive package automates lamps and temperature control
  • Flooding and fire can go unchecked if your home is left unmonitored
  • Medical emergencies could turn deadly without monitoring in place

Some Home Security Systems May Be Scams

Check the Company on the Web

Home Security systems scamsUsing caution is a must when dealing with home security salespeople. Many scammers dress up professionally and use door-to-door tactics to trick consumers into investing in substandard systems that perform nothing like they should. You need to protect yourself against becoming an unwitting victim of a scam.

Your best bet when dealing with security salespeople is to ask for identification and then take a few minutes to look up the company on the web. (Don’t be afraid to make the salesperson wait while you do this.) Does the company have a legitimate website? Is it recognized by the Better Business Bureau? Are there any complaints about the company? Then ask to see the salesperson’s “pocket card” license.

Know a Scammer’s Tricks

Scammers are much easier to detect if you know what to expect. Among their tricks is the old “limited-time offer” that they employ in an effort to force you into acting now. A real security specialist will be patient with you. A real specialist isn’t just trying to get you to sign a contract and fork over money. A real specialist is interested in developing a meaningful and long-term relationship with you, the consumer.

Scammers also tend to rely on scare tactics. A scammer might try to exaggerate the incidence of crime in your neighborhood to get you to sign up for a security system. Never make a purchasing decision just because you feel frightened.

Dealing with Savvy Scammers

The savviest scammers target people who already have security service. They see the decal on your lawn and then show up pretending to be a representative from a company that just bought out your current company. They usually try to get you to upgrade or replace your current system with a better one. Don’t fall for this. You might even consider calling your current security company and handing the phone over to the pesky scammer.

Recognizing Real Security Companies

Just because some door-to-door salespeople are scammers doesn’t mean they’re all scammers. There are actually many reputable security companies that still engage in door-to-door sales. So how do you go about confirming that the company is a legitimate entity and not just some sham? Take a look at our #1 company and read the Frontpoint alarm reviews to make the best decision for yourself.

Simply by refusing to make the purchase there and then. Always ask for more time to think about your decision. This gives you the time you need to check references, review licenses, read testimonials and do any other necessary homework. No reputable company is going to rush you into making such a big decision.

Use Caution and Take Your Time

Avoiding becoming a victim really isn’t that difficult. You merely need to be smart, alert and savvy. Be cautious with people who come to your door. Look for signs of unethical sales tactics. Take advantage of the web to conduct research. And never rush into a decision. Home security systems are complex and expensive solutions, and anybody trying to sell you one should know that it would be foolhardy for you to make an impulse decision about such an important purchase. We hope you find this article about how some home security systems may be scams helpful.

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